Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Frosted Flurries Tuck-Ins...All Sent

My package has been sent. This is almost the way it actually went. There was a last minute change from cookies to candy canes for the "C". The "H" was the hand towel. Of course there were snowflakes everywhere on it.
The "I" was tough, but I thought of doing something with the word imagination. I remembered a wonderful birthday party we did for my daughter. We invited (read that paid) a storyteller to come. She was terrific and used scarves to make herself into the characters. Then afterwards she passed out scarves to the kids and had them pretend to be old lady or man, their favorite animal, and she even had them pretend they were parts of the scarf for grass or trees, blue for sky or water, red for flowers or fire, you get the idea. Anyway, back to my tuck-ins. Since my partner has 6+1 children, I got 7 scarves and sent them with a few ideas. Soooooo....."I" was for imaginative play.
The "D" was covered by decorative snowflake package toppers/ornaments. You can see them scattered about. The "L" is a little angel that was attached to the corner of the apron pocket in a way that would allow it to be in or out of the pocket. So my partner will always have "an angel in her pocket" when she wears this apron! You can see the angel on the green trim of the hand towel if you look real close. (The idea for using and adjective came from Amy F. Thanks Amy!)
The "R" was covered with the Reused/recycled snowflake pin that accents the center of the apron. I found this at a local thrift store and thought it was perfect. All stones were present and accounted for, the shape was a snowflake, the color was perfect so I hope it does not break any rules. The "E" is for the sparkly snowflake earrings. And the "N" is for the "neatening" thread catcher that my wonderful mother made. (Maybe she would do a giveaway if my blog gets more followers!)
What does that spell? CHILDREN. And I am sure they are the focus of her holiday!
One more little thing is included in the package, but I cannot share because my partner might figure out that this is for her. I hope she really likes it. She missed the delivery on Saturday, so hopefully she will get it today.
I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving! We did. Good food, good shopping, and a great family! What more could I ask for.

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  1. The USPS says the package was delivered. Now I have to wait tosee if she likes it. I feel like the lady in the old Mervyns ad. I am looking at the blogs and tapping my keys saying "open, open, open". I do hope she enjoys her package.