Thursday, December 2, 2010

Splat Catchers Save Your Clothing!

We all love aprons. Vintage, modern, frilly, simple, colorful, humorous, or sexy...we covet them all. But sometimes we need a quick and dirty (pun intended) clothing protector.....hence the "splat catcher"! They are quick to make and perfect for: saving your clothes from the dreaded mascara drop; covering up that expensive dance costume so your child can eat after spending 8 hours in the gym; protecting school or work clothes while you eat a burger in the car; and lots of other situations.
My daughter made these for the autistic classroom so the teachers could quickly cover the kids during lunch and art projects. Basically they are a towel with a fun fabric top and they attach quickly with velcro.
If anyone is interested, I will prepare a tutorial. Just let me know in the comments.


  1. Hi partner! I don't have your email to send you a thank you to - but I wanted to let you know I just posted pics about you goodies on my blog!

  2. Oh goodness, girl! I put a comment on your post a few days back when I received my package going on and on and on - and I just saw that it didn't come through!! I am so sorry!!!! I wonder if I put the wrong password in and then just went to a different screen, I'm not sure. Well I raved over the scarves and the angel (so cute)and everything else - and I'm not sure that my blog post did your package justice.

  3. Hi there, just found your blog through the the splat catchers..I would love a tutorial or you should sell them!
    Come over and check out Pink Saturday, its a fun way to get to know sister bloggers!