Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Christmas Star

I was recently asked to share my favorite holiday decorating tip. I thought and thought and all I could come up with was a story to explain why we think a Christmas star belongs on top of the tree instead of an angel.
When my daughter was 2.5 years old, her daddy passed away. It was a sad time and happened right before the holidays. So, trying to keep everything the same and happy, I put up a Christmas tree one day while my daugther was at daycare. I put the most beautiful angel on the top. Of course my thought was not just about beauty, I truly thought we needed an angel looking out for us.
Well, I was excited to pick her up and bring her home. When we finally got home I lit the tree, and showed her the pretty site. When I asked her if she liked the tree she said it was very pretty but that "daddy could not see it". We will skip the tears that started to fall and move on to the moment that made all the difference in our future holidays. When I asked her if she thought the angel was beautiful, she explained that is was, but that the tree needed a star on top so that daddy could see it. The angel needed to go somewhere else.
Of course I went out and bought a star, one that lit up, and put it on the tree the next day. I bravely asked her that night what she thought of the tree. Her response was totally different. She told me it was beautiful and that now daddy could see if from heaven. AND that he liked it too.
These comments still bring tears to my eyes 12 years later and, of course we ALWAYS put a star on top of the tree. It doesn't have to be lit and lately we use one that she made with popsicle sticks, but it must be a star.
So this year's decorating tip is to use a star on top of your tree so that loved ones who have passed can see the tree. This was for the post on Go visit to see other tips.

As a little aside to this story I will add that for the first year or so after her daddy passed she was somehow connected to him. Out of the blue she would tell me that daddy liked or didn't like something or she would explain what he would do. Once when I painted the bedroom green in an attempt to "move on", she commented that she thought it looked pretty, but that daddy hated it because he did not like the green. She was totally correct! I still say that she was connected to him in ways that only the very young can be and my experiences made me a true believer.

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